Welcome to the website to view Roland Bernier’s work.  There are 26 galleries which reflect the different series of works that are available.  Click on a gallery and the first image will pop up.  When you click on “view painting,” information on size, year created, type materials, and colors will be listed. Up to ten images will appear for viewing. To look at the thumbnails below, click on the image and it will pop up as a larger view.  Click “X” to close and the image will now be viewable in the display box.  Click “View Painting” for the characteristics.

In the galleries for 1960’s, Abstracts, Four Letter Words, and Signature series where there are more than ten images, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on page 2, 3, etc. until all images have been displayed.

We hope that you will enjoy some of Roland’s pieces and his unique perspective and often humorous take that brought them to be.

Marilyn, Yanina and Roland III, Julian, and Richard